Centurion D2 Turbo Sliding Gate Motor Kit
Centurion D2 Turbo Sliding Gate Motor Kit
Centurion D2 Turbo Sliding Gate Motor Kit
Centurion D2 Turbo Sliding Gate Motor Kit
Centurion D2 Turbo Sliding Gate Motor Kit
Centurion D2 Turbo Sliding Gate Motor Kit
Centurion D2 Turbo Sliding Gate Motor Kit
Centurion D2 Turbo Sliding Gate Motor Kit
Centurion D2 Turbo Sliding Gate Motor Kit
Centurion D2 Turbo Sliding Gate Motor Kit
Centurion D2 Turbo Sliding Gate Motor Kit

Centurion D2 Turbo Sliding Gate Motor Kit

R 4,295.00 Incl. VAT
R 4,399.00 Incl. VAT

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Product Code: D2TB0000V2

The Centurion D2 Turbo Sliding Gate Operator kit includes the Centurion D2 Turbo Motor, 2 x Centurion Nova 4 Button remote controls, 12v 7.2Amp Securi Prod backup battery and 4 meter rack (8 x 500mm interlocking Raz Rack). The Centurion D2 gate motor is fast, reliable and affordable. The Centurion D2 Gate Motor has an exceptional speed of 400mm per second and boasts with a powerful peak push force of 9kgf. The D2 Motor is quick and easy to install and set up, with all settings easily configurable via two dials on the controller. With loads of features, the Centurion D2 Turbo is the complete motor for a standard domestic gate of four meters in length and not weighing more than 250kg.  

• Turbo speed opens and closes the gate quicker and reduces security risks.
• Very easy to install and user friendly set up, saving you time and money.
• Reliable battery backup will allow the gate to operate in the event of a power outage.
• Built in multichannel Centurion receiver. Compatible remotes are Nova 1 Button, 2 Button and 4 Button remotes.
• Multiple Modes of Operation.
• Adaptive Collision Sensing.
• Maintenance is effortless and convenient as modular components clip together.
• Lockable with easy manual override.
• Robust steel pinion allows for easy retro-fitting and ensures reliable operation.

Product type Sliding Gate Motor 
Model Centurion D2 Turbo
Input voltage 90V - 240V AC ± 10%, 50Hz
Motor voltage 12V DC
Motor power supply Battery-driven (standard capacity - 12V 5Ah)
Battery backup Securi Prod 12V 7.2Amp
Rack 4 meters (8 x 500mm interlocking Raz Rack)
Current consumption (mains) Intergral with controller 1A @ 13.7V ± 1%
Current consumption (rated load) 8/12A
Current consumption (quiescent load) 95mA
Operator push force - starting 18kgf
Operating push force - rated 8kgf
Gate mass - maximum 250kg
Gate length 20m
Gate speed - m/min  22 - 26m/min
Gate speed - mm/sec 367 - 433mm/sec
Drive pinion 17T Module 4
Maximum daily cycle 10 cycles/day
Design life 30 000 cycles
Collision sensing Electronic
Operating temperature -15°C to 50°C
Degree of protection IP54
Controller incorporated D2 Controller_H
Onboard receiver type Nova code-hopping onboard, multichannel
Receiver frequency 433.92MHz
Receiver code storage capacity 32 transmitter buttons
Dimensions - motor 244mm(l) x 170mm(w) x 310mm(h)
Dimensions - battery incl terminals 151mm(l) x 65mm(w) x 101mm(h)
Dimensions - raz rack single 500mm(l) x 30mm(w) x 53mm(h) x 8
Dimensions - remote 35mm(l) x 17mm(w) x 60mm(h) x 2
Dimensions - packaging 305mm(l) x 310mm(w) x 540mm(h)
Mass of kit packed 10.55kg
Warranty 24 Month carry in Manufacturers warranty
• Refer to detailed installer manual.

• Ensure that the track is kept clear from stones, dirt or any obstruction. Gate brushes can be installed to assist in clearing the obstructions.
• Ensure that the Gate wheels V profile, Gate wheels U profile or GateshoX run freely.
• Manual override the motor and check that the gate runs freely without any obstruction.
• Check that the rack is properly secured to the gate and that it does not press down on the operator pinion at any point while opening or closing.
• Clean around the motor area to ensure that vegetation does not grow to close to the motor and pinion.
• Check that the key still opens and closes the camlock and lubricate if necessary.
• Inspect the inside of the motor by removing the cover and ensure that it is clear of any insects and dust.
• Alternate spare remote controls to ensure that they are working if and when required.
• Test remotes not used often and replace the remote batteries if and when required.
• Check that battery terminals are clean and connectors on battery terminals are not loose and properly secured.

• All installations must be done by a suitable qualified technician.
• Under no circumstances may any of the components be modified.

• 24 Month Carry-in Product Manufacturers warranty. The D2 Motor can be registered online at CentSys.co.za for warranty purposes.

1 X Centurion D2 Motor
1 x Securi-Prod 12v 7.2Amp Battery
2 x Centurion Nova 4 Button remotes
1 x Centurion D2 controller – Inside motor
1 x Origin Marker
1 x Base plate
1 x Pack of mounting screws, nuts, washers and bolts 
1 x 4 meter rack (8 x 500mm interlocking Raz Rack)