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Iotrend Mini Carbon Monoxide Detector
Iotrend Mini Carbon Monoxide Detector

Iotrend Mini Carbon Monoxide Detector

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Available to order online or collect at 6 Cosmic Street Linbro Park, Sandton, 2090 (Map)



Carbon monoxide is a special type of gas that is made as a by-product of an incomplete burn. Carbon monoxide will commonly enter a home through a faulty furnace, clothes dryer, or gas-powered fireplace. Carbon monoxide is dangerous because it is odorless and flammable. It can be a threat in two ways:

It can combust. Carbon monoxide can enter a home and start a fire.
It can suffocate you. Carbon monoxide enters your lungs and binds to the areas of your lungs that are meant to take in oxygen. You may not even sense that you are suffocating. Many people can die in their sleep due to carbon monoxide poisoning.

This device is a stand alone unit and not Z-wave or wireless!

Conforms to EN50291

Test button with power/alarm/fault indicator
Size: 45 x 80 x 32mm
Power: DC 3V (1pc sealed-in Lithium battery)
Sensor Type: Electrochemical
Product Life: 10 years after manufacture date (designed to be replaced after 10 years
Sensitivity Setting: Conforms to EN 50291-1:2010+A1:2012 standard.
30PPM: Without alarm before 120 minutes
50PPM: Between 60 to 90 minutes
100PPM: Between 10 to 40 minutes
300PPM: Less than 3 minutes
Standby Current: < 20?A (average)
Alarm Current: Operation Ambient Condition: -10 - +40?, 30-95% non-condensing
Storage/Transport Ambient Condition: -20 - +50?, 10-95% non-condensing
Alarm Sound Level: ? 85dB at 100cm @3.2-+0.5KHz pulsing alarm CO Alarm Silence: about 5 minutes

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Iotrend Mini Carbon Monoxide Detector