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Ajax Relay Front View SW426
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Ajax Relay

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The Ajax Relay is a wireless 12V low-current dry contact relay designed to control low voltage devices and appliances remotely such as Gates, Garage motors, Electric locks etc.

When used in conjunction with the Ajax system, the Ajax Relay allows you to make use of automation scenarios so your security system not only reports threats but also actively counters them.

The dry contact is not galvanically connected to the device power supply so that it can be used both in low-voltage and household networks. The relay can easily be connected to a power supply unit paired with a backup battery.

The Relay can be controlled manually via the Ajax app, Button press or by Scenario.

Product Code: 11035.19.NC1

Please note: Ajax Hub required for operation.

Compatible with all Ajax Hubs and Range Extenders.

Functional elements

Relay Functional Elements 

  1. Antenna.
  2. Power supply terminal block.
  3. Terminal block to connect appliances.
  4. Function button.
  5. LED indicator.

Relay terminals

PS IN terminals — “+” and “-” connection terminals of a 7–24 V⎓ power supply.
Relay terminals — output potential-free terminals of Relay contacts to connect appliances.


Operating principle

The Ajax relay is a dry contact relay to control a power supply remotely. The relay is installed in the electrical circuit gap to control the power supply of devices connected to this circuit. Relay is controlled via the device function button (by pressing and holding it for 2 seconds), the Ajax app, Button, and automation scenarios.

Relay is powered by a 7–24 V⎓ power supply. Recommended power supply voltages: 12 V⎓ and 24 V⎓.

The Ajax relay features potential-free (dry) contacts. Dry contacts are electrically isolated to the relay’s power supply. Thus, this device can be used in low-voltage and household networks, for example, to simulate a button, a toggle switch, or to control water shut-off valves, electromagnetic locks, irrigation systems, gates, barriers, and other systems.

Relay commutes one single pole of the electrical circuit. The Ajax relay can operate in bistable or pulse mode. In pulse mode, you can set its duration: from 0.5 to 255 seconds. The operating mode is selected by users or PRO with admin rights in the Ajax apps.

A user or a PRO with admin rights can select the normal state of the relay contacts:

Normally closed — the relay stops supplying power when activated and resumes when deactivated.
Normally open — the relay supplies power when activated and stops when deactivated.


Automation scenarios

Ajax’s scenarios offer a new level of security. With them, the security system not only notifies about threats, but also actively resists them.

Scenario types with Ajax Relay and examples of usage:

By alarm. Lighting is switched on when an opening detector activates the alarm.
By security mode change. The electric lock is automatically blocked when the object is armed.
By schedule. The irrigation system in the yard is switched on according to the schedule at the specified time. Lighting and TV are switched on when the owners are away, so the house doesn’t seem empty.
By pressing Button. Switching on night lighting by pressing the smart button.
By temperature. The heating is turned on when the temperature in the room is lower than 20°C.
By humidity. The humidifier is switched on when the humidity level drops below 40%.
By CO₂ concentration. Supply ventilation is turned on when the carbon dioxide concentration level exceeds 1000 ppm.

Control via the app

Ajax App Controlled

In Ajax apps, you can switch on and off electrical appliances connected to an electrical circuit controlled by Relay.

Click the toggle in the Relay field in the Devices menu: the state of the relay contacts will change to the opposite, and the connected electrical device will switch off or on. This way, a security system user can remotely control the power supply, for example, for lighting or an electric lock.


Compatibility Operates with all Ajax hubs and range extenders
Classification Radio channel relay unit
Device type Wireless
Installation method Into electric switchboard, junction box
Actuating element Electromagnetic relay
Relay service life 200,000 switch-ons
Voltage protection Max — 36.5 V⎓, min — 6.5 V⎓
Maximum load current 5A at 24 V⎓, 13A at 230V~
Maximum current protection No
Maximum temperature protection > 65°C at the place of installation
Electric power meter function No
Energy consumption parameter check Voltage
Power supply 7–24 V⎓ (DC only)
Operation modes Pulse and Bistable
Contact state Normally open and Normally closed
Adjustable pulse duration 1–255 sec
Communication range with central unit Up to 1,000 m in an open space
Two-way communication between devices Yes
Operating temperature range From –20°С to +64°С
Permissible humidity Up to 85%
Protection class of body IP20
Anti-sabotage Protection against fraud jamming detection
Remote setting and testing Yes
Product dimensions 39mm x 33mm x 18mm
Product weight 25g
Packaging dimensions 54mm x 47mm x 24mm
Mass of unit packed 140g
Warranty 24 Months limited manufacturer’s warranty



1 x Ajax Relay

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