Starvedia Z-Wave Smart Controller With Built In Pan,Tilt and Zoom Camera

The All In One Z-Wave Controller

Starvedia Z-wave Hub with Pan,Tilt and Zoom Camera
  • Video Recording & Live Stream

    Program your Z-Wave Controller / Camera to auto record when it detects motion in your home and send you live updates in real time.

  • Built In Speaker

    Using your smart phone you can speak to your family at home and see what they doing at the same time.

  • Receive Alerts & Set Alarms

    When something is not right at home your Controller will communicate the problem received by your z-wave connected devices

  • Voice Control With Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant

    Activate you lights and smart plugs using your voice with Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant Devices

Make Your Home Smart In 3 Easy Steps

  • Step 1 - Get A Controller

    Your Controller is the brains of the operation. The Controller monitors and controls all your devices and you can see what is happening using your smart phone. All you need is a internet connection, a Controller and some devices to make your home as smart as you are!

  • Step 2 - Pick Some Devices

    We have all the devices you need to get your home up and running from smart sensors to switches, Lights and plugs. Watch the videos in the Digital Library

  • Step 3 - Connect Your Devices To Your Hub

    Our products are all plug & Play and make installation easy by following simple steps.Purchase one of our kits so you can get setup straight out the box. With IOTREND you can be assured to get awesome products with incredible support.

Products we offer

Please ask us about any of your security and smart home requirements

We offer a full range of security grade products, from alarms, cctv and gate motors. we do recommend getting these installed profesionally.


Sensors that can measure temperature allow you to create Scenes so that when you come home you know the climate will be set to your liking.  


Control all your lights in your home and setup scenes that when you get home your lights automatically turn or just ask Alexa . 


With Sensors you will know the status of your home at all times and receive instant alerts as soon as something is out of place 


Using smart plugs, switches and dimmers allows you to monitor your electricity consumption and to reduce unwanted costs. 

Smart Controllers

Your Controller is the most important piece of tech as it controls all your devices and allows you to see your home anywhere in the world. 


Let Us Help You unleash Your Smart Home Journey


I have been using the Starvedia PTZ Z-Wave hub to remote view my home and control my lighting!!! super Impressed!! Also have to mention that I got my order in 24hours. Good Job Iotrend. Will definitely buy again. 

We have been using the Starvedia HD camera/controller to monitor our house while away and check up on our pets. Really cool that the camera has 2 way audio and can control all your smart devices!

Super quick delivery, Great customer service, Finally a DIY, affordable option for South Africans! I can control all my plugs and lights by voice. Enough Said!!!