Ajax Socket (Type F) White Side Angle View SW428W
Ajax Socket (Type F) White Side Angle View SW428W
Ajax Socket (Type F) White 3-Way View SW428W
Ajax Socket (Type F) White Front View SW428W
Ajax Socket (Type F) White Side Angle View 2 SW428W

Ajax Socket (Type F) White

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The Ajax Socket (Type F) White allows you to turn appliances on and off from your phone on demand or as per schedule from anywhere in the world. The Socket can turn on your kettle, lights and even reboot your router.
The Sockets can also be set up so that when you leave your house and arm the system, all your appliances plugged into an Ajax Socket (Type F) can be automatically switched off. This means electricity savings on high energy-consuming appliances and having peace of mind that the power to the clothing is switched off and reducing the risk of fire.
The smart plug can handle loads of up to 2.5 kW, which is enough to connect a to bigger devices and appliances, it will also inform you about the most power consuming devices. As soon as an appliance starts consuming electricity, the Ajax Socket (Type F) LED will change colour in real time.

Product Code: 13305.34.WH1

Please note: Ajax Hub required for operation.

The Ajax Socket (Type F) White is compatible with Ajax Hub and Ajax ReX


  • Monitors electric power consumption
  • Executes automation scenarios
  • Operates in bistable and pulse modes
  • Controls appliances with power up to 2.5kW
  • Controls the power of electric appliances remotely via app and Button
  • Protects devices against overcurrent and voltage surges
  • Pairing via QR code


Classification Radio channel relay unit
Device type Wireless
Installation method In power outlet
Compatibility Operates only with hub Ajax and ReX
Actuating element Electromagnetic relay
Voltage and type of external power supply 110 - 230 V, 50/60 Hz
Voltage protection for 230 V mains Yes, 184–253 V
Relay service life 200,000 switch-ons
Maximum load current 11 A (continuous), 13 A (up to 5s)
Maximum current protection Yes, 11 A if the protection is turned on, up to 13 A if
the protection is turned off
Maximum temperature protection Yes, +85°С. The socket turns off automatically if the
temperature is exceeded
Electric shock protection class Class I (with grounding terminal)
Electric power meter feature Available
Energy consumption parameter check Current, voltage, power consumption
Alarm signal delivery time 0.15s
Load indicator Available
Output power (resistive load at 230 V) Up to 2.5 kW
Average energy consumption of the device on standby Less than 1W
Operation modes Impulse & Bistable
Contact state Normally open and normally close
LED indication Adjustable
Adjustable pulse duration 0.5 – 255 sec
Communication range with central unit Up to 1,000m in an open space
Operating temperature range 0°С to +40°С
Permissible humidity Up to 75%
Protection class of body IP20
Anti-sabotage Protection against fraud jamming detection
Remote setting and testing Yes
Product dimensions 65.5mm x 45mm x 45mm
Product weight 58g
Packaging dimensions 80mm x 80mm x 100mm
Mass of unit packed 150g
Warranty 24 months limited Manufacturer's warranty


  • Use the Ajax Socket (Type F) for the purpose it was intended for.
  • Do not exceed the output power of 2.5Kw


1 x Ajax Socket (Type F) White

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