Ajax vhfBridge White Front View CP443W
Ajax vhfBridge White Front View CP443W
Ajax vhfBridge White 3-Way View CP443W
Ajax vhfBridge White App Control View CP443W
Ajax vhfBridge White Inside View CP443W
Inside View CP443W

Ajax vhfBridge White

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The Ajax vhfBridge White is a transponder that provides a hub with an additional channel to communicate with a monitoring station. The Ajax vhfBridge is a module for connecting Ajax security systems to third-party VHF transmitters/armed response radio transmitters.

The vhfBridge enables the use of Ajax systems in areas with an unstable or no Internet connection, such as nature reserves, mountainous, and desert regions. Alarms and events of the system are transmitted via VHF radio waves over a vast distance. vhfBridge can be used as a primary or a backup communication channel. 

The Ajax vhfBridge is compatible with Hub 2, Hub Plus, Hub 2 Plus, Hub Hybrid, ReX and ReX 2. vhfBridge does not work with Hub, ocBridge Plus, uartBridge and third-party security control panels.

Product Code: 25353.92.WH1

Elaborate autonomy – up to 75 hours battery backup

You can add a 7Ah/7.2Ah and 8Ah backup battery inside a vhfBridge casing which can also power up the armed response radio transmitter. In the event of power failures, the vhfBridge and AR Radio Transmitter will continue operating for up to 75 hours.

Ajax vhfBridge White internal components explained


  • Communication range of up to 1,800 meters in a line of sight
  • Alarm transmission within 0.15 seconds
  • Powered by a 100–240 VAC mains supply and can operate on a 12 V⎓ battery backup (battery not included)
  • Place for a 7ah/7.2ah and 8ah backup battery
  • Perforated areas in the casing for cable management
  • 8 adjustable positive/negative trip outputs for sending events to a VHF transmitter
  • Tamper detecting when trying to open or remove unit from the surface
  • Up to 75 hours of autonomous operation
  • Uncompromised security of communication
  • Hassle-free installation



Similar to other Ajax devices, vhfBridge connects to a hub in the app by scanning a QR-code. The transponder casing has perforated areas for more organized wiring. Outputs are configurable with Ajax apps for smartphones and computers.


Compatibility Operates with Hub 2, Hub Plus, Hub 2 Plus, Hub Hybrid, ReX and ReX 2
Classification Transponder for communication with the monitoring station via a VHF transmitter
Installation Indoors
Number of potential outputs 8
Output types Positive trip and negative trip (depends on the settings)
Transmission types Pulse and bistable (depends on the settings)
Compatibility with third-party VHF radio transmitters vhfBridge connects to any VHF transmitter with relay inputs
Support for photo verification of alarms No
Primary power supply 100–240 V, 50/60 Hz
Backup power supply 12 V DC, up to 75 hours of power for a transponder and a transmitter
Supported battery type 12 V battery with a full charge cycle of up to 30 hours
Maximum battery size fitted in casing 150 mm × 64 mm × 94 mm
Recommended battery type 12 V battery with a capacity of 7Ah/7.2Ah and 8Ah (Backup battery not included)
VHF transmitter power 12 V DC, 2 A
Protecting against forgery Yes
Jamming notifications Yes
Tampers against opening and removal Yes

Communication range

Up to 1,800 meters in a line of sight
Two-sided communication between devices Yes
Operating frequencies 868.0–868.6 MHz or 868.7 – 869.2 MHz (depending on the region of sale)
Auto-regulated radio signal power ≤ 25 mW
Blocking encryption based on the AES algorithm Yes
Detector ping interval 12–300 seconds
Frequency hopping Yes
Maximum radio signal power ≤ 25 mW
Protection class IP50
Operating temperature range From −10°C to +40°C
Operating humidity Up to 75%
Product dimensions (with casing) 196 mm × 238 mm × 100 mm
Product dimensions (without casing) 145 mm × 89 mm × 51 mm
Product Weight (with casing) 840g
Product Weight (without casing) 165g
Packaging Dimensions 245 mm x 218 mm x 102 mm
Mass of unit packed 1300g
Warranty 24 months limited Manufacturer’s warranty. The warranty does not cover batteries.



1 x Ajax vhfBridge White

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