Ajax WaterStop 1/2
Ajax WaterStop 1/2
Ajax WaterStop 1/2
Ajax WaterStop 1/2
Ajax WaterStop 1/2
Ajax WaterStop 1/2
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Ajax WaterStop 1/2" (DN 15) White

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Ajax WaterStop 1/2" White Spec Data Sheet

The Ajax WaterStop 1/2” (DN 15) White is a smart water shutoff valve. Operates as part of an automated water leak prevention system. Controlled with an Ajax App, through a button on the enclosure, a lever on a shutoff valve, as well as automation scenarios.

The Ajax WaterStop 1/2” White automatically shuts off the water in 5 seconds at a facility with an Ajax security system if Ajax LeaksProtect or a third-party water leak detector is triggered. The device combines a high-quality valve and a powerful electric actuator. You can control WaterStop and check its status from anywhere in the world, all you need is an Internet connection and an Ajax app.

You can also create a scenario to shut the water off at a specific time or when arming the system.

The Ajax 1/2" (DN 15) WaterStop communicates with the hub using an encrypted Jeweller radio protocol. The communication range without obstacles is up to 1,100 meters. Runs on pre-installed batteries for up to three years. It can also be powered by a third-party power supply unit with 9 - 14 V⎓ and operating current up to 1.8 A.

Product Code: 45644.146.WH1

Please note: An Ajax Hub is required for Operation and is designed for indoor use only.

The Ajax Waterstop 1/2" (DN 15) White is compatible with Ajax Hub Plus, Ajax Hub 2 (2G), Ajax Hub 2 (4G), Ajax Hub 2 Plus, Ajax Hub Hybrid (2G), Ajax Hub Hybrid (4G), Ajax ReX and Ajax ReX 2.


  • Four possible mounting positions of the electric actuator towards the valve and the design allows maintenance and in hard-to-reach places,
  • Anti-sabotage locker to complicate unauthorised dismount of the electric actuator,
  • LED indication reports electric actuator status,
  • Various automation scenarios to choose from,
  • Stuck prevention - Through the Ajax app a scenario can be scheduled to open and close the valve once a week to ensure that the valve is working when you need it the most,
  • Overheating notification is sent to the Ajax App when the device temperature tops +60 °C and when it return to normal,
  • Remote configuration from anywhere in the world.


Compatibility Ajax Hub Plus, Ajax Hub 2 (2G), Ajax Hub 2 (4G), Ajax Hub 2 Plus, Ajax Hub Hybrid (2G), Ajax Hub Hybrid (4G), Ajax ReX and Ajax ReX 2
Functionality Water shutoff valve for water supply and heating systems
Transmission distance Up to 1,100 m between device and hub (or radio signal range extender) without obstacles
Power 4 x pre-installed CR123A batteries with up to 3 years of battery life or external to 9 – 14V DC
Shutoff valve 1/2" (DN 15) RuB valve included in complete set
Notification for overheating Available (when the device exceeds +60ºC)
Automation scenarios Water leakage scenario
Reactions to alarms
Reactions to changing the security mode
Actions by programming
Temperature scenarios
Humidity scenarios
Scenarios by level of CO2
By pressing the button
Pressing the Ajax LightSwitch
Operating temperature +5°C to +120°C
Operating humidity Up to 95%
Operating fluid Hot and cold water, non-aggressive liquids
Material Brass
Connection type and thread F/F threaded
Operating temperature range From +5°C to +120°C
Water shut-off torque Up to 8.5 Nm
Operating pressure Up to 10 bars
Shut-off speed Up to 5 seconds
Remote control Management and configuration through Ajax mobile apps
Manual control Button located on the actuator housing for opening/closing the valve when pressed
Product dimensions 104mm × 140mm × 70 mm
Product weight 869g
Packaging dimensions 190mm x 145mm x 90mm
Mass of unit packed 1100g
Warranty 24 months limited Manufacturer's warranty. Batteries are not covered under warranty.


  • An Ajax Hub is required for operation.
  • Installation must be done by a qualified plumber.



1 x Ajax WaterStop 1/2” (DN 15) White

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