Ajax Wireless MotionCam Outdoor White - IOTREND
Ajax Wireless MotionCam Outdoor White - IOTREND
Ajax Wireless MotionCam Outdoor White - IOTREND
Ajax Wireless MotionCam Outdoor White - IOTREND
Ajax Wireless MotionCam Outdoor White - IOTREND
Ajax Wireless MotionCam Outdoor White - IOTREND
Ajax Wireless MotionCam Outdoor White - IOTREND
Ajax Wireless MotionCam Outdoor White - IOTREND
Ajax Wireless MotionCam Outdoor White - IOTREND
Ajax Wireless MotionCam Outdoor White - IOTREND

Ajax Wireless MotionCam Outdoor White

R 4,175.00 Incl. VAT
R 4,396.00 Incl. VAT

Available to order online or collect at 6 Cosmic Street Linbro Park, Sandton, 2090 (Map)


Product Code: 26074.84.WH1

MotionCam Outdoor is a wireless motion detector with a photo camera to verify alarms.

Lightning-fast alarms. Verified.
MotionCam Outdoor recognizes intrusion from the very first steps on the territory and confirms it with an animated series of photos. Visual verification helps to instantly ascertain the situation, saving users from concerns, and security companies from unnecessary dispatches. Motion detected - Alarm raised - Evidence captured.

Dont miss a thing
Combining the best optics, fast processor and advanced software algorithms, MotionCam Outdoor takes informative pictures in any weather, day or night.
● HDR camera
● IR backlight
● Series of 2-5 photos

Camera designed to guard
An outdoor camera often has to shoot in difficult lighting conditions. Direct sunlight, reflective surfaces, or street lights can blind the camera, depriving the image of critical details. This is unacceptable for a security device. We were challenged to get a clear and sharp image that would confirm intrusion in seconds and allow security companies to react in time.

Quality is in the details
We have rejected plastic optics to make a waterproof lens out of glass and metal. The wide-angle lens covers the entire protected area, giving a complete picture of what is happening. In bright light, an infrared filter is automatically applied to ensure distortion-free color reproduction, and two bright IR LEDs help to see the intruder even in total darkness. To take one photo, MotionCam Outdoor takes two consecutive shots at long and short exposures. The processor instantly combines the shots, equalizing the balance between light and dark areas of the image, and then compresses it for the fastest transmission. Thanks to the HDR, the detector uses less IR backlight at night and saves battery.

Intelligent false alarm filter
MotionCam Outdoor is equipped with two independent PIR sensors, the signals of which are analyzed by a two-step LISA algorithm. As soon as both sensors detect motion, LISA performs correlation and spectral analysis of the signals, which helps to instantly distinguish real threats from interference.

Correlation analysis
Whenever MotionСamOutdoor detects motion, LISA analyses and compares signal forms from two sensors in real-time. If forms are similar, the alarm is activated.

Spectral analysis
When both sensors detect motion, but the correlational analysis doesn’t identify enough similarities, LISA compares frequency components in the signals of both sensors.

Multilevel anti-sabotage protection
MotionCam Outdoor can not be unnoticeably disabled even if the system is disarmed. The detector is equipped with masking sensors that react to hindering, covering and painting the lens. It will take the hub less than a minute 2 to detect the loss of communication with the detector and inform a central monitoring station and users about the problem. The fact that MotionCam Outdoor was dismantled will become known instantly.
• Anti-masking system
• Notifications about detachment
• Configurable Hub — Detector polling periods

Effective security in any weather
MotionCam Outdoor resists the heat up to +60°С and withstand the cold up to −25°С. And to protect the sensors of the anti-masking system from rain and snow, we have provided a special Hood.
• Efficiency in heat and cold
• IP55 enclosurebody protection
• Bundled Hood to protect from rain and snow

Uncompromising communication reliability
MotionCam Outdoor uses two secure radio protocols simultaneously: Jeweller and Wings. Radio protocols work independently of each other and each is focused on its own function. Jeweller transmits alarms in 0.15 seconds, and thanks to Wings, the first shot from the site will be in the app in less than 9 seconds 3. The radio signal range is sufficient to install the detector where it will be most effective. And up to 3 years of battery life minimizes maintenance efforts.
• Two-way communication at a distance of up to 1,700 meters
• Photo delivery in less than 9 seconds
• Up to 3 years of battery life

Less manual labor. More settings in the app.
The process of connecting and configuring MotionCam Outdoor saves installation engineers time in the best possible way. To add a detector to the system, all you have to do is scan the QR code with the Ajax app, assign a name and a room to it. Configure the device in the app in real time, test detection zones and communication. If necessary, the detector can be disabled or its system parameters can be reconfigured remotely, without visiting the site.

Technical Specifications:

Brand Ajax
Compatibility Hub 2, Hub 2 Plus
Classification Electro-optical radio channel security detector
Type of detector Wireless
Installation method Outdoors/indoors
Recommended installation height 0,8 – 1,3 m
Sensing element 2 × PIR sensor
Motion detection distance Adjustable From 3 to 15 m
Pet immunity Animals up to 80 cm tall
Sensitivity Adjustable 3 levels
Motion detector’s viewing angle Horizontal 88,5°, Vertical 80°
Camera’s angle Horizontal 105°, Vertical 102°
Distortion Barrel –77%
Photo in case of alarm Photo resolution 320 × 176 pixels (by default)
Shooting series up to 5 photos 640 × 352 pixels
Infrared light for shooting in the dark Available
Power supply  4 × CR123A batteries
Supply voltage  3V
Battery life Up to 3 years (up to 2.5 years if “Delay when entering” setting is activated)
Jeweller radio technology Communication range with the hub - up to 1,700 m in an open space
Two-way communication between hub and device
Operating frequencies - 868.0–868.6 MHz 4
Self-adjusting RF output power - up to 20 mW
Block encryption with a dynamic key
Detector polling period - 12−300 s
Frequency hopping
Alarm delivery time 0.15 s
Wings radio technology Transmission of a series of photos
Photo delivery time with a default settings Up to 9 seconds
Temperature sensor Available
Operating temperature range From −25°С to +60°С
Operating humidity Up to 95%
Protection class IP55
Anti-sabotage Anti-masking
Protection against forgery
Jamming detection
Remote configuration and testing Available
CMS compatibility CMS connectivity: Contact ID, SIA (DC-09)
Product dimensions 206mm(l) × 108mm(w) × 93mm(h)
Product weight 470g
Packaging dimensions mm(l) × mm(w) × mm(h)
Mass of unit packed g
Warranty 24 Months warranty

Limitations and exclusions:
Does not work with ReX radio signal range extender

What's in the box:
1 x MotionCam Outdoor
1 x SmartBracket mounting panel
4 × CR123A batteries (pre-installed)
1 x Installation kit
1 x User guide