Centurion D10 SMART Gate Motor with Batteries Iotrend
Centurion D10 SMART Gate Motor with Batteries Iotrend
Centurion D10 SMART Gate Motor with Batteries View of Open Override Lever Iotrend
Centurion D10 SMART Gate Motor with Batteries Front Inside View Iotrend
Centurion D10 SMART Gate Motor with Batteries Side Angle Inside View Iotrend
Centurion D10 SMART Gate Motor with Batteries Back Inside View Iotrend
Centurion D10 SMART Gate Motor with Batteries Back View Iotrend
Securi-Prod 12V 7.2AH Rechargeable Batteries Iotrend
Centurion Nova 4 Button Remotes IOTREND
D10 Smart Baseplate and Fasteners - IOTREND

Centurion D10 SMART Gate Motor with Batteries

R 10,399.00 Incl. VAT
R 15,105.00 Incl. VAT

Available to order online or collect at 6 Cosmic Street Linbro Park, Sandton, 2090 (Map)

Centurion D10 SMART Sliding Gate Motor Only  Centurion D10 SMART Sliding Gate Motor Only Centurion D10 SMART Sliding Gate Motor Only Centurion D10 SMART Sliding Gate Motor Only

The Centurion D10 SMART Sliding Gate Motor with batteries is a legendary high-volume performer that combines sleek design with speed, security, endurance and reliability.

Thanks to the powerful 24V motor and robust die-cast aluminium gearbox, the D10 SMART sliding gate motor packs a potent punch, providing excellent security on sites ranging from townhouse complexes and residential estates to busy office parks and warehouse facilities.

Effortlessly control your gate with the MyCentsys Remote smartphone app, receive advanced diagnostic feedback for ultimate peace of mind, and enjoy dependable battery-driven technology that stands up to power outages.

Suitable for gates with a maximum weight of 1000kg.

Included with the Centurion D10 Gate Motor is 2 x Securi-Prod 12V 7.2 SLA Batteries, 2 x Centurion Nova 4 Button Remotes and a baseplate.


  • Speed and Safety - Moves even the heaviest of gates in a flash, protecting against tailgating and ensures safe entry and exit to and from the premises.
  • Smart hardware - Easy access to mounting hardware, backward compatibility (drop-in replacement) on existing D10 and A10 base plates, optimised cable routing and a dedicated accessory tray for complimentary solutions such as GSM modules.
  • Smart connectivity and control - Set the gate limits, auto-close and unique profiles for everyone using the gate with the user-friendly smartphone app
  • Smart security - Built-in vibration sensor can be connected to a third-party device to notify you if the gate motor is being tampered with
  • Uninterrupted security and convenience – The D10 SMART comes with a dependable 24V battery backup system.
  • Wireless, Effortless Safety: Compatible with Photon SMART Beams for a complete wireless experience
  • Easy Installation: Saving installers time and effort with its industry-leading design



  • Batteries: 2 x 12V 8AH Gel Battery
  • Steel Rack
  • Centurion Photon SMART Fully Wireless Gate Beam Set
  • Centurion G-Speak Ultra 4G Intercom Kit
  • Centurion SmartGuard Air Wireless Keypad
  • Centurion Loop Detector 1 Channel (Flux SA)
  • Centurion Nova 1 Button, 2 Button and 4 Button Remotes
  • Centurion D10 SMART Anti-Theft Bracket
  • Gooseneck
  • Gate wheels, 80mm V Profile, 80mm U Profile, 100mm V Profile, GateshoX 80mm
  • Gate Mate Sliding Gate Brush Kit
  • G-Ultra GSM Solution
  • Centurion SMART PowerPack
  • Clearline Gate Motor Lightning and Surge Protector



Input voltage 90V - 240V AC ± 10% @ 50Hz (1)
Current consumption (Mains) 250mA
Battery charger current output 1.8A @ 27.4V ± 1%
Maximum number of operations per day 750 (3,6)
Duty cycle - Mains present 45%
Motor voltage 24V DC

Motor power supply

Battery-driven (Standard Capacity - 2 x 12V 7.2Ah)
Current consumption (motor at rated load) 8A
Input / Output sink currents (Max accessory current draw) I/O 1-4: 100Ma (12/24V) | I/O 5 and 6: 3A (12/24V) 10sec Pulse
Motor push force - starting 40kgf
Motor push force – rated 30kgf
Gate mass - maximum 1000kg
Gate length - maximum 50m
Gate speed (varies with load) (4) Up to 26m/min (4)
Manual Override Lockable with key release
Drive Pinion 17T Module 4
Operations in standby with 2 x 7Ah batteries Power Saving 15m/min 15kgf – Half day (2,5,6): 118 | Full day (2,5,6): 93 |Normal 26m/min 15kgf - Half day (2,5,6): 63 | Full day (2,5,6): 50

Collision Sensing

Operating temperature range -15°C to +50°C
Onboard receiver type Code-hopping multichannel receiver with selective add and delete
Receiver code storage capacity 1500 Remote buttons (7)
Receiver frequency 433.92Mhz
Degree of protection IP54
Packaging Dimensions
Mass of unit packed 16000g
Warranty 24 Months limited Manufacturer's warranty (excludes batteries)


Additional information pertaining to the D10 Smart motor specifications:
1. Can operate off a solar supply
2. Based on 25°C ambient temperature and unit not in direct sunlight
3. Based on a motor push force of less than 50% of rated (Starting and Running forces)
4. Gate opening and closing speeds can be configured to run slower depending on the requirements of individual installations
5. Can increase battery capacity for longer standby times
6. Based on 4m gate, excluding all accessories
7. Multiple buttons per remote can be used


Warnings and Limitations on the Centurion D10 Smart Motor:
1. All installations must be done by a suitable qualified technician
2. Under no circumstances may any of the components be modified.


1 x Centurion D10 SMART Motor
1 x Base plate
2 x Securi-Prod 12V 7.2AH batteries
2 x Centurion Nova 4 Button remotes


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