Imou 128GB Micro SDXC Surveillance Memory Card ST2-128-S1 Product View CH47-2
Imou 128GB Micro SDXC Surveillance Memory Card ST2-128-S1 Product View CH47-2
Imou 128GB Micro SDXC Surveillance Memory Card ST2-128-S1 Packaging View CH47-2

Imou 128GB Micro SDXC Surveillance Memory Card

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The Imou 128GB Micro SDXC Surveillance Memory Card is ideal for security cameras.

Security Cameras are static, rotating, hanging off the ceiling, sitting on a shelf, hidden, visible, indoors or outdoors. Whether in your home or place of business, security cameras are a part of the world we live in. No matter where or how they are used, they see and capture things we’d rather not see but are thankful for nonetheless.

Within security cameras like Imou Cue 2, Imou Ranger 2, Imou Bullet 2, Imou Turret, Imou Cruiser, Imou Cell 2, Imou DB60 Wireless Kit and Imou DB61i Wired Doorbell, the memory card is the vital piece of tech that allows us to see what the camera saw and recorded.

We are, after all, capturing video that could prove necessary and useful at some point. So, it’s important to make sure images are clean and clear.


Imou 128GB Micro SDXC Surveillance Memory Card


So, how do we assure ourselves that we are purchasing a memory card that suits our needs and provides quality images? We do our homework and check out a few critical features such as the capacity, speed and durability of the cards that interest us. After that, we choose a brand we trust like Imou.

The Imou 128GB Micro SDXC Memory Card is therefore the perfect choice as it is specifically designed for the best performance with Imou Wi-Fi Cameras as it meets all the below listed criteria.


As they say, read the owner’s manual. It probably has some nuggets of information regarding the manufacturer’s recommendations as to which Micro SDXC memory card will work best for your particular model.

Next, how will the camera be used? Will it record continuously or only after motion detection? Continuous use requires a high-capacity/high-endurance card; on-motion, not so much.

Then consider the camera’s resolution. High-resolution videos (1080p or 4k) require more storage space.

Suffice it to say, however the card is being used, practical Micro SDXC memory card  choices range from 32GB to 256GB.


Imou 128GB Micro SDXC Surveillance Memory Card


While the speed rate of a memory card is based on its read/write speed, with security cameras, you really only care about the write speed, which is the rate at which the card writes (records) data to its memory. Too slow speed could cause the video to skip or become sluggish, either of which defeats the reason for having the camera.

Most security cameras are designed for microSD-size cards. For that reason, we will limit the card speed conversation solely to them. The latest microSD cards offer higher storage, allowing longer video recordings (perfect for continuous-use security cameras).

When shooting Full HD or 4K UHD you don’t want to worry about slow speeds and dropped frames. Look for cards with minimum write speeds of 70MB/s that support UHS-I Video Speed Class (V30).


It stands to reason that cameras that are continuously recording need a memory card that can stand up to the 24/7 usage. Likewise, cameras stationed outdoors in the elements need memory cards that can withstand temperature extremes, wet environments and high winds.


Uses TLC Storage Medium

  • Cost effective recording

High Transmission Speed

  • Higher Class UHS-l

High Adaptability

  • Water-proof, shock-proof, x-ray proof and high/low temperature resistance

Wide Application

  • Can be applied on the scenarios which will be light storage in consumer products, relatively low video intensity or used in a relative simple environment


Brand Imou
Manufacturer’s Code ST2-128-S1
Storage Capacity 128GB
Memory Card Type SDXC Surveillance Card
Product Dimensions 15mm x 10mm x 2mm
Product Weight 1g
Packaging Dimensions 180mm x 110mm x 20mm
Mass of unit packed 20g
Warranty 12 months limited Manufacturer's warranty



1 x Imou 128GB Micro SDXC Surveillance Memory Card

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