Neptune 700VA 360W UPS with 12V 7Ah Internal Battery Front View
Neptune 700VA 360W UPS with 12V 7Ah Internal Battery Front View
Neptune 700VA 360W UPS with 12V 7Ah Internal Battery Back View
Neptune 700VA 360W UPS with 12V 7Ah Internal Battery Front Angle View
Neptune 700VA 360W UPS with 12V 7Ah Internal Battery Back Angle View
Neptune 700VA 360W UPS with 12V 7Ah Internal Battery Side View

Neptune 700VA 360W UPS with 12V 7Ah Internal Battery

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The Neptune 700VA 360W Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) with internal batteries is specially designed for personal computers with multi-functions. Its light weight, compact design is a perfect fit to a limited working environment. The UPS is equipped with Boost and Buck AVR to stabilize input voltage range. Built-in DC start function. The function enables the UPS to be started up without AC power supplied.

The UPS offers functionality to various environments like your home, SME and corporate environments. With automatic voltage regulation, overcharge and overload protection, it allows you time to save and power off all your sensitive computer, electronic devices and equipment.

It is as easy as 'Plug and Play' making units effective in supporting PC's, routers and laptops as well as household items like your alarm systems, electronic gas igniters and emergency lighting. The UPS will help keep the essentials going so you don't have to scramble in the dark.


  • Microprocessor control guarantees high reliability,
  • Equipped with Boost and Buck AVR,
  • Green Power function for energy saving,
  • DC start function,
  • Auto restart while AC recovery,
  • Compact size, Light weight,
  • Provides AC overload protection.



Model NEP700
Capacity 700VA/360Watts


Voltage 230 VAC
Voltage Rage 162 - 270 VAC
Frequency Range 50 Hz


Output Voltage 230 VAC
AC Voltage Regulation (Batt. Mode) ± 10%
Frequency Range (Batt. Mode) 50Hz ± 1 Hz
Transfer Time Typical 2-6ms
Waveform (Batt. Mode) Simulated Sine wave


Battery Type & Number 12V 7.2AH x 1pc
Typical Recharge Time 10 hours to 90% capacity


Full Protection Overload, discharge and over charge protection


AC Mode: Green Light The green LED on the right lights up and the 2nd to 5th green gradually lights indicating battery capacity
Battery Mode: Flashes Yellow The green LED on the right flashes and the 2nd to 5th green gradually lights indicating battery capacity


Battery Mode Sounds every 10 seconds
Low Battery Sounds every second
Overload Sounds every 0.5 seconds
Fault Mode Red LED Lighting


Operating Environment 0 - 90% RH @ 0 - 40 C (non-condensing)
Noise Level Less than 40dB


Neptune 700VA 360W UPS
UPS Dimensions 101mm(l) x 298mm(w) x 142mm(h)
Net Weight 4.25Kg
Packaging Dimensions 370mm(l) x 160mm(w) x 245mm(h)
Mass of unit packed 4.6Kg


Hardware 12 months limited Manufacturer’s warranty
Batteries Refer to the return policy on batteries

Warnings and limitations:

  • The voltages inside the UPS may be hazardous. Do not attempt to disassemble the unit. The unit contains no user serviceable parts. Only factory service personnel may perform repairs.
  • Internal battery is a sealed lead acid.
  • Connection to any other type of receptible other than the 2 pole, three wire grounded receptacle may result in shock hazard as well as violating the local electrical codes.
  • In the event of an emergency, press the OFF button and disconnect the power cord from the AC power supply to properly disable the UPS.
  • Do not allow liquids or any external objects to enter the UPS. Do not place beverages or any other liquid-containing vessels on or near the unit.
  • The unit is designed for installation in a controlled environment (temperature controlled, indoor area free of conductive contaminants). Avoid putting the UPS in locations where there is static or flowing water, or excessive humidity.
  • Do not plug the UPS into its own output.
  • Do not attach a power strip or surge suppressor to the UPS.
  • Do not connect non-computer-related items, such as medical equipment, microwave ovens or vacuum cleaners to the UPS.
  • To reduce the risk of overheating the Neptune 700VA 360W UPS, do not cover the UPS cooling vents and avoid exposing the unit to direct sunlight or installing near heat emitting appliances such as heaters or furnaces.

Warnings and limitations continued:

  • Unplug the UPS prior to cleaning and do not use liquid or spray detergent.
  • Do not dispose the batteries into fire as they may explode.
  • Do not open or mutilate the battery or batteries. Released electrolyte is harmful to the skin and eyes. It may be toxic.
  • A battery can present a risk of electrical shock and high short circuit current. The following precautions should be observed when working on batteries:
    • Remove watches, rings or other objects from the hands.
    • Use tools with insulated handles.
    • Wear rubber gloves and boots.
    • Do not lay tools or metal parts on top of the batteries.
    • Disconnect charging source prior to connecting or disconnecting battery terminals.
  • Servicing of batteries should be done or supervised by technical and authorized personnel only.
  • When changing batteries, replace with the same number and type of sealed lead acid battery. The maximum ambient temperature rating is 40 °C.
  • During the installation of this Neptune 700VA 360W UPS it should be assured that the sum of the leakage currents of the UPS and the connected loads does not exceed 3.5mA.
  • Beware of possibility of electric shock when disconnecting of this unit from the mains, hazardous voltage still may be accessible through supply from the battery. The battery supply should be therefore disconnected from the positive and negative terminals of the battery when maintenance or service work inside the UPS is necessary.


1 x Neptune 700VA 360W UPS with 12V 7Ah Internal Batteries

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