Sola-Prod MPPT Solar Charge Controller 12V&24V 10A Front View
Sola-Prod MPPT Solar Charge Controller 12V&24V 10A Front View
Sola-Prod MPPT Solar Charge Controller 12V&24V 10A Front View Light Off
Sola-Prod MPPT Solar Charge Controller 12V&24V 10A Side View
Sola-Prod MPPT Solar Charge Controller 12V&24V 10A Side Side View 2
Sola-Prod MPPT Solar Charge Controller 12V&24V 10A Back View
Sola-Prod MPPT Solar Charge Controller 12V&24V 10A Top View
Bottom View

Sola-Prod MPPT Solar Charge Controller 12/24V 10A

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The  Sola-Prod MPPT charge controller 10A is based on advanced MPPT(Maximum Power Point Tracking) control algorithm, with an LCD display to monitor the running status.

The MPPT control algorithm can minimize the maximum power point loss rate and loss time, quickly track the maximum power point of the PV array and obtain the maximum energy from solar modules under any condition and can increase the ratio of energy utilization in the solar system by 20 – 30% compared to a PWM charging method.

The newly designed screen adds the display of battery type and Bluetooth/Wi/Fi, easy for you to check the running status. Limiting the charging power and reducing charging power functions ensures the system stability over PV modules in high temperature environments.
With comprehensive electronic fault self-detecting functions and powerful electronic protection functions built inside the controller, component damage caused by installation errors or system failures can be avoided to the greatest extent possible.


  • With the advanced dual-peak or multi-peak tracking technology, when the solar panel is shadowed or part of the panel fails resulting in multiple peaks on the I-V curve, the unit is still able to rack the maximum power point,
  • Advanced MPPT technology, with efficiency not less than 99.5%,
  • Maximum DC/DC conversion efficiency of 98%,
  • Ultra-fast tracking speed and great tracking efficiency,
  • Advanced MPPT control algorithm to maximize the MPP loss rate and loss time
  • Limited charging power and current over rated range. When the solar panel power exceeds a certain level and the charging current is larger than the rated current, the unit will automatically lower the charging power and bring the charging current to the rated level.
  • Support the lead-acid, gel, flooded with the needed Temp. compensation and support lithium batteries start from the solar panel
  • Power reduction automatically over temperature range
  • Monitor and set the parameters via App(optional)
  • LCD Screen
  • USB Output 5V/2A


Rated charge current 10A
Battery voltage range 8 - 32V
System nominal voltage 12/24VDC Auto detection except when lithium batteries are used.
Max. PV open circuit voltage 48V at minimum operating environment temperature
Max. PV open circuit voltage 50V at 25°C environment temperature
MPP voltage range (Battery voltage +1V) – 45V
Battery Type Sealed(Default)/Gel/Flooded/LiFePO4/ Li(NiCoMn)O2/ User)
Rated Charge Power 130W/ 12V and 260W/ 24V
LVD 11.0V ADJ 9V……12V; x2/24V
LVR 12.6V ADJ 11V …..13.5V; x2/24V
Float Charge 13.8V ADJ 13V …..15V; x2/24V
Boost Voltage 14.4V; ADJ14V…..17V; x2/24V
Self-consumption ≤15mA (12V) and ≤10mA (24V)
Temperature compensation coefficient -4mv/°C/2V except when lithium batteries are used then compensate coefficient will be 0
IP rating: IP30
Terminal Scale 6mm²/10AWG
Controller dimensions 120mm x 75mm x 43mm
Controller weight 0.29Kg
Packaging dimensions 160mm x 90mm x 80mm
Mass of unit packed 0.45Kg
Warranty 12 months limited Manufacturer’s warranty


  • Risk of explosion! Never install the controller and an open battery in the same enclosed space. Nor shall the controller be installed in an enclosed space where battery gas may accumulate,
  • Danger of high voltage! Photovoltaic arrays may produce a very high open-circuit voltage. Open the breaker or fuse before wiring, and be careful during the wiring process,
  • When installing the Solar Charge Controller 12/24V 10A, make sure that enough air flows through the controller’s vents, and leave at least 100mm of space above and below the controller to ensure natural convection for heat dissipation. If the controller is installer in an enclosure, make sure the box delivers reliable heat dissipation effect.
  • Do not install the unit at a place that is subject to direct sunlight, high temperature or water intrusion, and make sure the ambient environment is well ventilated.
  • Connect the system in the order of battery first, then the PV. Disconnect the system in reverse order, first the PV then the battery,
  • While wiring the controller do not close the circuit breaker or fuse and make sure that the leads I “+” and “-“ poles are connected correctly,
  • A fuse which current is 1.25 to 2 tomes the rated current of the controller, must be installed on the battery side with a distance from the battery not exceeding 150mm,
  • If an inverter is to be connected to the system, connect the inverter directly to the battery, not the the load side of the controller.


1 x Sola-Prod MPPT Solar Charge Controller 12/24V 10A

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