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The Internet Of Things, Z-wave and Fiber South Africa

If you are anything like me you are incredibly excited to be receiving fiber to your home / office or you are one of the lucky ones that are already enjoying the benefits of stable upload and down load speeds.

Why is fiber such a big deal for South Africa?

Well, besides for finally joining the rest of the world and playing catch up for last couple of years, lighting fast downloads, streaming T.V services in full HD with no buffering and waiting e.t.c It also opens up South Africa to a huge array of tech companies wanting to send there products to us e.g Amazon with with there echo voice assistant devices and even Google with there voice assistant Google Home, both announcements  were recently discussed in the news that both companies would like to open South Africa to their services.This news also enables local business to create companies selling those items, therefore creating more jobs and improving our economy. So its kind of a big deal!

IOT (internet of things) in South Africa finally is receiving the backbone that it needs function optimally and is going to make more homes connected and smart. 

If you want to how to get setup read our other blogs.

Iotrend is going to help you on your journey either way if you are still ADSL bound or if you are in the Fiber world alike as their products are not data hungry or intensive and will run on minimal data services. See the Types of devices below.

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