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3 Mistakes People Make When Buying Z-Wave Devices In South Africa

3 Mistakes People Make When Buying Z-Wave Devices In South Africa

Z-Wave Do's and Dont's


Z-Wave is an awesome wireless technology largely adopted in the home and office automation industry and when devices are setup and used correctly it can really make your lives easier, more efficient and just cool to show your friends. ( To find out more about Z-Wave Click HERE)

In South Africa Z-wave technology is a fairly new to reach our shores, while in America and the UK it has been around for a number of years.

With the arrival of faster internet speeds in South Africa over the past couple of years this technology has made itself much more appealing to our market. (Read this article about Internet speeds and Z-wave South Africa)

The problem is that there are very few vendors that have any expertise with Z-Wave technology and that are recognized by the Z-Wave Alliance (Iotrend is a member)  and often the vendors that do supply are ordering low quantities on a per order basis and therefore prices are high.

All the above leads people to try find alternate options for sourcing Z-Wave products and that is where mistakes are made!

Z-wave mistake

Buying products from grey importers and the potentials risks: There are a number of eCommerce market places offering Z-Wave devices and they source them from all over the world at expensive prices.

Problem 1: Once you get your device from grey importers there is zero after sales support and most probably no warranty on the device that you can claim on. Make sure you buy from a reputable local company that know the products and are happy to offer you support and advice.

Problem 2: Often devices are sourced from America or China and don't have the correct Frequency for South Africa and  this creates two separate issues 1.) It is illegal to run unauthorized frequencies in any country and the same applies to South Africa. 2. Z-Wave devices will only speak to each other if they share the same frequency and if they compatible with the Controller (Hub). We get messages all the time from customers saying that they bought a device from America but cant get it to read or will it work with their locally bought controllers? Most times they have the wrong frequency and then there is nothing we can do for them. The solution BUY right the first time and you will definitely save money.

Problem 3: Compatibility of devices with the controller. Lets say you have done all your research, you have made sure that you have ordered the correct frequency devices and Controller yet when you try pairing your devices they do not work as specified or are missing key features. Not all devices have been programmed for every controller so buying from a reputable dealer will help make sure you don't run into compatibility issues as they will have ensured that all there devices and controllers work together or they will advise you what options pair the best.

Hopefully this helps you make more informed purchasing decisions. We at Iotrend are happy to help you out with all of your Z-Wave Devices, we offer incredible support on all our products, all you have to is email info@iotrend.co.za or support@iotrend.co.za and one of our friendly staff will help you out.








5 Devices That Instantly Make Your Home Smart!

5 Devices That Instantly Make Your Home Smart!

We are going to be sharing

5 devices that can make your home smart instantly!

Have you ever watched Marvel's Iron Man movies with Robert Downey Jr.playing Tony Stark and his awesome suit of technological Armour transforming him into Iron Man?

Well if you have you will notice his billionaire lifestyle, beautiful cars, clothes and flare, one of the most impressive things is his seaside cliff top mansion! Now besides his home being Amazing. (See Pic Below).

Tony Stark Mansion | Iotrend

Tony Stark's home is one of the most technologically advanced smart home's on the planet. I know at this stage you going to say to me that is in the movies and that even if it was possible to have a home that smart it would cost a fortune! The thing is you would be wrong.

With these 5 devices you can start living like a super hero!

This is what you need:

1.) Starvedia 140° HD IP Camera Z-Wave Controller 


This Camera is not just a regular I.P Camera. Think of it as the brains of your smart home. It will send the commands to all of your smart home devices as well as receive your smart devices responses. It can also program all of your scenes, for example when there is movement at home at night turn on the lights and send me a video clip of whats happening live. We wont forget to mention that it has a built in motion sensor and 2 way audio so you can always check in with your family and pets!

This smart controller comes with a free IOS and Android app so you can create scenes, view alerts and watch what going on straight from your smart phone! link to this product here.


2.) Iotrend Z-Wave Smart Plug Switch With Dimmer South African Spec. 


This Smart plug allows you to remotely control lighting on/off and dimming, home appliances with power metering features. It allows remote On/Off control of devices, reports instant power consumption (W) and accumulated energy consumption (kWh) to the controller device.

So with a couple of these you can control any scene you can think! how about your coffee machine to turn on at 6.30am or turn on and off your heater when it gets to hot or cold.Click here to see product.


3.)Hank Z-Wave RGB Smart Colour Bulb



The full colour RGB Bulb has 16 million colours! The bulb also works as a dimmer for nice mood lighting! Want to start watching a movie with all your buddies? activate a movie lighting scene where all your lights dim low and change automaticly to blue. See it Here.


4.) Philio Z-Wave Smart Colour Scene Button


This Smart Colour Button is the perfect companion for your home. It allows you to run scenes, Dim lights, Turn appliances on and off in other rooms, control your curtains, set timers and control your thermostat and much much more.

The Button is magnetic with a built in gyroscope so when you turn the wheel button to different positions it will activate what ever scene you desire according to its position. See it Here.

5.) Amazon Echo Dot 2nd Generation Smart Home Assistant


Ok,This final product on our list is well known and most of you out there I am sure have seen or heard about it. The Amazon elexa Echo Dot is a voice activated personal assistant! The awesome news is its fully compatible with all the devices mentioned above.

It can also connect to your speakers or headphones over Bluetooth or through a 3.5 mm audio cable to deliver stereo sound to the speakers you choose. Dot connects to the Alexa Voice Service to play music, make calls, send and receive messages, provide information, news, sports scores, weather, and more—instantly.

What we trying to tell you is with this device you can voice operate your whole home!! Now if that doesn't make you feel like Iron Man or Bruce Wayne (Batman) or  Elon Musk nothing will!


So in conclusion for under R7000 you can live like the stars in the movies and feel like you stepped into the future.


To see a full list of the amazing products available to the South African market for the first time visit www.iotrend.co.za  or click HERE


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The Internet Of Things, Z-wave and Fiber South Africa

The Internet Of Things, Z-wave and Fiber South Africa

If you are anything like me you are incredibly excited to be receiving fiber to your home / office or you are one of the lucky ones that are already enjoying the benefits of stable upload and down load speeds.

Why is fiber such a big deal for South Africa?

Well, besides for finally joining the rest of the world and playing catch up for last couple of years, lighting fast downloads, streaming T.V services in full HD with no buffering and waiting e.t.c It also opens up South Africa to a huge array of tech companies wanting to send there products to us e.g Amazon with with there echo voice assistant devices and even Google with there voice assistant Google Home, both announcements  were recently discussed in the news that both companies would like to open South Africa to their services.This news also enables local business to create companies selling those items, therefore creating more jobs and improving our economy. So its kind of a big deal!

IOT (internet of things) in South Africa finally is receiving the backbone that it needs function optimally and is going to make more homes connected and smart. 

If you want to how to get setup read our other blogs.

Iotrend is going to help you on your journey either way if you are still ADSL bound or if you are in the Fiber world alike as their products are not data hungry or intensive and will run on minimal data services. See the Types of devices below.

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