Centurion D5 SMART Sliding Gate Motor Only
Centurion D5 SMART Sliding Gate Motor Only
Centurion D5 SMART Sliding Gate Motor Only - IOTREND
Centurion D5 SMART Sliding Gate Motor Only - IOTREND
Centurion D5 SMART Sliding Gate Motor Only - IOTREND
Centurion D5 SMART Sliding Gate Motor Only - IOTREND
Centurion D5 SMART Sliding Gate Motor Only - IOTREND
Centurion D5 SMART Sliding Gate Motor Only - IOTREND
Centurion D5 SMART Sliding Gate Motor Only - IOTREND
Centurion D5 SMART Sliding Gate Motor Only - IOTREND

Centurion D5 SMART Sliding Gate Motor Only

R 5,425.00 Incl. VAT
R 6,890.00 Incl. VAT

Available to order online or collect at 6 Cosmic Street Linbro Park, Sandton, 2090 (Map)


Centurion D5 SMART Brochure Centurion D5 SMART Installation Manual Centurion D5 SMART App 

The Centurion D5 SMART Sliding Gate Motor is a domestic and light industrial operator designed to open and close sliding gates weighing up to 500kg.

Installation Manual  

Centurion D5 SMART Sliding Gate Motor has a custom designed gearbox moulded from robust engineering polymers, coupled to a powerful 24V DC motor, provides fast and reliable automation for entrances to homes and small housing estates.

The system operates off two 12V 7.2AH Securi-Prod batteries (not included) housed inside the operator using a switch-mode charger to maintain the batteries in a fully-charged state. The batteries provide critical power failure protection.

A non-contact Hall Effect Sensor was selected to ensure reliability and positional accuracy. The Hall Effect Sensor is highly resistant to dust, oil, dirt or insect ingress, therefore ensuring that the D5 SMART opens and closes gates reliably and accurately.


  • Interactive graphic user interface via a smartphone application
  •  Automated setup of gate endpoints (limits)
  • Independently-adjustable motor speed in both opening and closing directions
  • Fail-safe collision detection and auto reverse (adjustable sensitivity)
  • Smooth, adjustable start/stop (ramp-up/ramp-down)
  • Multiple operational modes
  • Selectable, adjustable Auto close
  • Pedestrian (partial) opening
  • Positive Close Mode
  • Independent safety inputs for opening and closing beams
  • Automatic beam test for both opening and closing beams
  • Advanced lightning/surge protection
  • Onboard NOVA code-hopping radio receiver with full channel-mapping capability for up to 1500 remote buttons
  • Advanced diagnostic features, measuring and monitoring controller hardware, battery charger, electric motor, override sensor, optional origin sensor, battery condition under load as well as external accessories connected to the D5 SMART
  • Vibration sensor that can be connected to a third party device(alarm) to notify you in the event that the gate motor is being tampered with


Brand Centurion
Model D5 SMART 
Compatible remotes Nova 1 Button2 Button and 4 Button
Compatible backup batteries Securi-Prod 12v 7.2Amp and Securi-Prod 12V 8Amp batteries
Compatible controller PCB SmartX controller
Compatible Charger PCB D5 SMART Charger PCB Assembly
Compatible antitheft bracket D5 SMART Bracket
Compatible safety beams Photon SMART Wireless Beams, i5 Wired Beams and Photon Semi Wireless Beams
Compatible rack Raz Rack, Steel Rack and Angle Steel and Nylon Rack 
Compatible cover D5 Smart Replacement Cover
Input voltage 90V - 240V AC ± 10% @ 50Hz *1
Current consumption (Mains) 200mA
Battery charger current output 1.3A
Duty cycle - Mains present 50%
Motor voltage 24V DC
Motor power supply Battery-driven (Standard Capacity - 2 x 12V 7.2Ah)
Current consumption (motor at rated load) 13A
Motor push force - starting 30Kgf
Gate mass - maximum 500Kg
Gate length - maximum 100m
Drive Pinion 17T Module 4
Collision Sensing Electronic
Operating temperature range -15°C to +50°C
Onboard receiver type Code-hopping multichannel receiver with selective add and delete
Receiver code storage capacity 1500 Remote buttons
Receiver frequency 433.92Mhz
Degree of protection IP55
Gate motor dimension 275mm(l) x 181mm(w) x 373mm(h) 
Packaging dimensions 244mm(l) x 325mm(w) x 445mm(h)
Mass of unit packed 9.1Kg
Warranty 24 Months carry-in product manufacturer's warranty

Maintenance and care

• Ensure that the track is kept clear from stones, dirt or any obstruction. Gate brushes can be installed to assist in clearing the obstructions.
• Ensure that the Gate wheels V profile, Gate wheels U profile or Gateshox run freely.
• Manual override the motor and check that the gate runs freely without any obstruction.
• Check that the rack is properly secured to the gate and that it does not press down on the operator pinion at any point while opening or closing.
• Clean around the motor area to ensure that vegetation does not grow to close to the motor and pinion.
• Check that the key still opens and closes the camlock as well as the discuss lock for the Anti Theft bracket and lubricate if necessary.
• Inspect the inside of the motor by removing the cover and ensure that it is clear of any insects and dust.

Warnings and limitations
• All installations must be done by a suitable qualified technician.
• Under no circumstances may any of the components be modified.

What's in the box

1 x D5 SMART Gate Operator
1 x Base Plate
1 x Manual


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